Profumo di Limone


A Dive into the Most Emotional and Inspired Pastry
by Salvatore De Riso

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An Immersive Journey into the Most Emotional and Inspired Pastry: Salvatore De Riso presents his most famous recipes, new proposals for cakes and petits fours, invites you to breakfast with croissants and bundles, and reveals the secrets for creating "his" panettone, one of the most beloved by the public, a traditional recipe from the North that, thanks to the encounter with Amalfi lemons and ginger, chocolate, and berries, has managed to conquer the South...

The New Pastry series returns to the South to meet one of the undisputed protagonists of contemporary pastry: Salvatore De Riso. A media personality, a twenty-year member of AMPI - Italian Master Pastry Chefs Academy - a creative pastry chef, and a visionary entrepreneur, Sal has, in his twenty years of activity, with his pastry/bistro on the seafront in Minori, become a reference point for global pastry.

If he can manage international production today, it is precisely thanks to the perfect organization and management of his laboratory and, consequently, the point of sale. In addition to collecting his most famous and recognized recipes, the volume shows how a correct and regulated organization of processing, preservation, and sales processes is essential for the success of an activity. Especially in the world of sweets. Before delving into the recipes, De Riso talks about the essential ingredients in his pastry, products from his land and Italian excellences, the IGP Amalfi Coast lemon first and foremost, citrus fruits, Giffoni hazelnuts, Sorrento walnuts, Tramonti ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, and extra virgin olive oil from the hills of Salerno, flavors that we find in the five sections of the volume: classics, cakes, breakfast pastries, leavened dough, and petits fours and single portions.

You mention Sal De Riso, and you think of the Lemon Delight; indeed, it opens the volume, then the classic pastiera and the Caprese, also in the lemon version, the Ricotta and Pear Cake, and the legendary "Sentimento di Sal." Then the cakes: the Bavarian Orange of Sorrento, the delicious Three Chocolates with Guanaja, Bahibé, and Dulcey, the triumph of Bronte pistachio in Panarea, and, playing with words, "Riso in Paradiso."

In his pastry shop, designed as a place for every moment of the day back in 2000, De Riso offers unforgettable croissants that he wanted to include in the volume: it's impossible not to try the Chocolate and Orange Fagottino or the Panzzuppato. And if we need to talk about leavened dough, here are the recipes that led the Amalfi pastry chef to win numerous awards with his Panettoni, here in the Milanese, Piemontese, Sottobosco, and Ginger versions.

Finally, the rich section of single portions and petits fours, perhaps the recipes where we can best grasp De Riso's search for flavors and aesthetics: Caribbean Kiss, Bu-noc, Cabochon d'Amalfi, Vesuvius Sweetness, Strawberries and Italy, Eggplant and Chocolate, Wild, Millefeuille, and Neapolitan Coffee Trilogy, just to name a few, enough to tell the passion that Sal can infuse into every dessert, every preparation, every idea.

Over seventy recipes made even more detailed by useful and precise drawings explaining their composition and finish, and by the refined images of Giovanni Panarotto, who once again has managed not only to portray pastry preparations and faces but also to capture the enthusiasm that characterizes Sal and his collaborators' activities.

Publisher: ‎Italian Gourmet (June 20, 2018)
Language: Italian
Paperback: 256 pages


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